5 Core Values

1.    Mission/Evangelism

Being on mission to evangelize our community and beyond, by serving others at the point of their needs. We seek to bring others into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

2.    Discipleship

Discipleship helps believers discover how to love God with all their heart and how to love and serve others compassionately and creatively, where they are, by fostering a servanthood culture. 

3.    Worship

Praise, prayer, music, offerings, and biblical teaching are ways we bring glory to God. We give honor to God when we worship out of a heart that desires to bring him, not ourselves, the glory.

4.    Fellowship

Fellowship is a relationship we believe that starts with Jesus first and then others second. Fellowship is a time of sharing, supporting, rejoicing, and loving each other through life. 

5.    Stewardship

We believe being a good steward means using our gifts to build the church and glorify Jesus. We believe this also means taking care of the things God has blessed us with to transform lives.

Large enough to serve you. Small enough to know you!